Studio Rewards

Nicole-Rhea Studio Rewards

The Studio Rewards Program

Earn points & redeem for rewards, get early access, exclusive discounts & more!

The more you shop, the more rewards you earn

How does it work?

1. Create an Account

2. Start earning Points
(Earn 1 Point for every $1 Spent)

3. Get your Rewards

Earning points

Earn points for doing any of the following:

+250 Points

Create an account

+100 Points

Follow us on Instagram

+500 Points

On your birthday

+1 Point

For each $1 spent

+100 Points

Like our Facebook page

+100 Points

Share our Facebook page

Referring Your Friends = Instant Rewards

$10 for them + $10 for you

Refering a friend

For Them

Share your custom link on Facebook, Twitter or by email. When your friend signs up they will get a code for $10 off their first purchase.

For You

Once your friend makes their first purchase you will get a $10 off code for your next purchase.

Share your custom link to refer your friends and you both win!

Redeem your points

Collect points and get real discounts

100 Points = $1

Every 100 points = $1 towards your next reward

Get $5 off

for 500 points

Get $20 off

for 2000 points

Get $10 off

for 1000 points

Get FREE Ground Shipping

for 2000 points

Get $15 off

for 1500 points

Get $25 off

for 2500 points

Extra Perks

It's not just about the points...

Exclusive Discounts

Get access to exclusive discounts only available to Studio Rewards members.

Early Access, Promotions and Limited Editions

Get early access to our newest artists, exclusive launch promotions and Limited Edition pieces.

Bonus Points

We will periodically offers Bonus Points events that will help you reach the next reward even faster!


Shipping not included. Points not valid on tax or shipping costs. No other coupon code valid when redeeming reward points. Restrictions may apply. Points expire every 365 days. Points are only awarded to registered accounts. No purchase necessary to register.

Email with questions or for more information.