Meet the Artisans of Nicole-Rhea | Artisan Crafted Homewares

Every artisan has a story.  A story about how their life inspires their work and how their work inspires their life.

We believe that by sharing that story with you, it enriches the experience you have owning each piece.  You begin to understand the love and the passion that goes into each artisan handcrafted piece that we carry. It becomes a conversation piece, a family heirloom, and a piece of artwork on your tabletop with a rich history to accompany it.

Below is a brief introduction to the artisans of Nicole-Rhea.

Over time we'll be publishing a series of profiles about each of our artisans that will dive into their work, their inspiration, their life and their story. 

Terrafirma Ceramics (Ellen Evans)

Terrafirma Ceramics Founder, Ellen Evans

Terrafirma Ceramics, located in the heart of New York City, has designed and produced handmade functional American Art Pottery since its inception in 1980 by artist Ellen Evans. Her acclaimed work has been featured in publications such Elle Decor, InStyle Magazine, The Oprah Magazine and many more.

Learn more about Ellen Evans and Terrafirma Ceramics





  Sertodo Copper (Jonathan Beall) 


Sertodo Copper was founded in 1997 by Jonathan Beall, and has workshops in Austin, Texas and Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico, a village located high in the Sierra Madres Occidental of Southwestern Mexico. The tradition of copper work in this region has been passed down through generations for over 1000 years. After years apprenticing as a coppersmith in Mexico, Jonathan started creating his own designs that combine the ancient tradition with modern aesthetics and functionality.  Their products are built to last for generations and include a lifetime guarantee.



  Rockledge Farm Woodworks


Rockledge Farm Woodworks is a small, family owned Vermont farm which has been crafting exquisite custom wood products and furniture from the finest native wood for generations. Sustainably harvested, meticulously selected, and uniquely designed for you.






 Wood & Button (Rory Joyce)


Rory is one half of the husband and wife team at Wood & Button. He and his wife Audrey left city life for a small farm in the mountains of North Carolina where they homeschool their children, tend to the farm and craft beautiful and functional wood and fabric goods for the home, kitchen and trail. Rory crafts uniquely designed cutting boards, spoons, plates and other kitchen utensil while Audrey creates high quality handmade sewn goods. 



Four Leaf Wood Shop (Jack Gerard & Genevieve Barrere)

four-leaf-wood-shop-1.jpgJack and Genevieve moved to Ojai, California in April 2015 with a plan to try expanding on what had been a woodworking hobby and a dream to build something truly unique. Four Leaf Wood Shop was born as they began hand carving spoons, spatulas and knives with traditional hand carving tools. They eventually started incorporating unique design elements and inlays to their pieces to create a signature look. Some of their most unique pieces beautifully incorporate non-traditional materials such as turquoise, brass, marble, and purple cedar with more traditional hardwoods like black walnut, cherry and maple. Their unique designs set them apart from most woodworkers and ensures their work will be cherished for generations. 

House Copper (Sara Dahmen)


While researching her book Doctor Kinney's Housekeeper, Sara became intrigued by the copper cookware of the 1880's and found that cookware today isn't made the way it used to be. She began apprenticing as a copper and tinsmith and set out to recreate the authentic copper cookware that has disappeared over time. With the help of small team of copper, tin and metalsmiths House Copper produces authentic American made copper cookware that will last for generations.