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Handmade Hostess Gifts

Bringing a unique host or hostess gift creates a heartfelt memory you’ll share for years to come. From gourmet kitchen gifts like serving bowls, to table linens, trays and barware, handmade gifts show that you spent time shopping for something truly special. Buy handmade gifts for the holidays to ensure that traditional craft techniques not only survive, but thrive. High quality materials and craftsmanship mean that your friend will enjoy a lasting gift for many holidays to come.

Each handmade host and hostess gift is a unique design, crafted by a skilled artisan. The hand of the maker is apparent in the variations from one piece to the next - order a set of plates, and no two will be exactly the same. Made in small batches with eco-friendly production processes, handmade gifts are better for the planet too. When you shop online for a handmade gift, you’re showing that you value the creative spirit and self-expression. And when your host or hostess opens their gift, they’ll feel valued as well.

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