Hammered Copper Derby Mint Julep Cup

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Lifetime Guarantee - The craftsmanship on all Sertodo Copper products are guaran…


Lifetime Guarantee - The craftsmanship on all Sertodo Copper products are guaranteed for life.


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Hammered Copper
Jonathan Beall - Sertodo Copper
Returns & Exchanges:
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Lifetime Guarantee:
The workmanship on all Sertodo Copper products are guaranteed for life. If anything ever breaks, they'll replace it.


This hammered copper mint julep cup is a unique twist on a classic design. It is handmade from pure heavy gauge copper, and individually hammered into form in Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico by the autonomous artisans at Sertodo Copper.

12 ounce capacity



nicole-rhea-wood-449-1.jpgFrosty Cool Drinks - Made from pure heavy gauge copper inside and out, the natural thermal conductivity of copper keeps drinks frosty cold. Much of the “copper” drinkware out there today is only copper plated on the outside, and doesn’t have the same properties as pure copper.

Elegant Design - the textured hammer marks, rich copper color, soft curves and stunning shine create an honestly simple and elegant statement piece.

Lifetime Guarantee - The craftsmanship on all Sertodo Copper products are guaranteed for life. You’ll never have to worry about it breaking or the handle snapping off. If it does, they’ll replace it for free. 

Future Family Heirloom - the classic design, pure heavy gauge copper, artisan craftsmanship and lifetime guarantee ensure it will be around for generations.




Sertodo Copper pieces are made from pure copper that comes from 100% recycled sources.

Copper is a soft, malleable metal that also happens to be a very good thermal conductor which makes it a perfect material for shaping into drinkware and serveware.

If left unpolished, it’s natural reddish brown color will turn a soft green color over time as it oxidizes and forms a patina finish. 

Copper’s occurrence in nature as one of the few metals that does not need to be extracted from an ore led to very early human use beginning around 8000 BC. 




The crafting process begins as several coppersmiths rhythmically take turns hammering a block of purified copper with sledgehammers while another slowly turns the piece. This slow methodically process literally beats the shine into the copper as it begins to take form.

Using a hammer and anvil, a coppersmith will then begin the process of skillfully shaping the piece into its final form one hammer strike at a time. This process becomes increasingly difficult as the copper stretches and takes form. You can tell if a hammered copper piece is made by hand or by machine by carefully inspecting the hammer marks….if they are all uniform in shape, size and perfectly aligned with no imperfections - it’s likely not made by hand.

Each piece is individually hand crafted so variations in appearance and other minor imperfections are to be expected.


nicole-rhea-wood-485-1.jpgWash Your New Pieces Before First Use: Warm soapy water and a soft sponge are great. DO NOT USE an abrasive or scouring pad on the exterior surface because it will scratch down the high polish finish to a matte surface. If you prefer a matte finish rather than a polished, scour away.

Towel Dry Your Equipment Completely After Washing! This will keep your shine shinier. The chemicals used to make your tap water potable will dry in little dark spots all over your mirror polished copper leaving it freckled with little patina specks. Don't worry, there is an immediate cure if this happens.

Polishing Your Copper: If your copper gets a patina finish and you want to bring back the original shine, it's as easy as a quick polish. We recommend using Wright's Copper Creme or Bar Keeper's Friend for great results. It's basically as easy as hand washing your pieces with relatively instant gratification. Be sure to completely rinse these polishing products from your goods because they will turn green if left on. 

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