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Handmade Ceramic Plate, White Speckled Glaze on Marbled Stoneware

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$30.60 - $50.00


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Kimmy Rohrs - Whiskey & Clay
stoneware + porcelain plate with pier base glaze


Add a touch of rustic flair to your dinner table with handmade ceramic plates from artist Kimmy Rohrs of Whiskey & Clay. Perfect for your farm-to-table meals, each wheel-thrown dinner plate features rounded raw edges and a light speckled pier base drip-glaze finish. As an ideal platform for your culinary creations, this ceramic dish offers style and practicality, making it a reliable choice for everyday meals and special dinners. 

  • Artfully Crafted – each plate is uniquely crafted by hand and contains subtle variations as a signature of the artist
  • Durable Materials - a unique blend of porcelain and stoneware clay makes this piece highly resilient to wear and tear
  • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe - cleans up easily
  • Made in the USA – Handcrafted beneath the desert skies of Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Available Variations: 5”, 7”, and 9” sizes

Artisan Kimmy Rohrs draws inspiration from the far west Texas sky to create each of her unique kitchen pieces. Blending porcelain and stoneware, Rohrs creates a marbled material that adds depth and texture to every desert-inspired item.

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“When we sit at the wheel to throw, we turn inward and become very focused on the piece at hand. It’s a sort of forced mindfulness I welcome in my everyday life.” –Kimmy Rohrs


Artisan Crafted Handmade Ceramic

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