Handmade Porcelain Air Planter

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Esther Ann Smith
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Santa Fe, New Mexico


Bring a piece of the natural world into your home with the Handmade Porcelain Air Planter by InFlux Ceramics. Designed specifically for durable air plants, this planter can be displayed on a countertop, shelf, or accent table—or can even be hung on a wall for a distinctive conversation piece. With an open-ended bottom, this planter is designed to allow your air plant the perfect place to flourish. Available in a gorgeous array of handmade glazes in varying earth tones, each planter is truly one-of-a-kind, and will make a perfect gift for the bohemian plant lover in your life. Collect multiple colors to create a statement wall—each planter as unique and nuanced as the plants they hold.


  • Choose your Earthy Tone - Available in multiple glazes, choose the color or colors that match your décor

  • Unique & Functional Design - Open bottom design is made specifically for air plants

  • Flexible Display Options - Choose to hang your planter on the wall or display it on a table or shelf

  • Made in the USA - Hand crafted in a studio in the New Mexico countryside

  • Dimensions - 1.5” tall x 4” diameter, 1” diameter top hole for plant

Note: Air Plant not included


Esther Ann Smith of InFlux Ceramics creates gorgeous pieces of functional art out of her studio in New Mexico. Her work lives in the balance between function and beauty—her artistic impulses and intuition allow her to draw inspiration from nature’s many forms, patterns, colors, and textures.

Craving more earthy ceramics?  Check out the rest of Esther’s work from InFlux Ceramics.


“The forms my creative expression take steadily evolve as I sift through and process the influx of visual stimuli, my creative impulses, and personal experiences. Through this experimentation, I hope to create visually and tactilely interesting surfaces that invite touch and are a joy to use in everyday life.” -Esther Ann Smith


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