Ayadee Sensa Ritual Aromatherapy Kit

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ceramic, lava rock, essential oil
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New York


Enhance your wellness and boost tranquility with the unique Sensa Ritual all-inclusive aromatherapy kit. Each kit comes with a handmade Aria dish (4.25") from the limited edition "Stitches" Ayadee collection, an assortment of natural lava rocks, as well as a 10-ml eyedropper bottle of essential oils. The uniquely porous properties of natural lava rocks allow them to both absorb and distribute oils, making these rocks ideal as an aromatherapy tool. Choose between calming lavender or energizing lemongrass oils to add focus or serenity to your daily routines.

  • 3-Piece Aromatherapy Set - Includes a muslin bag of natural lava rocks, 10 ml of essential oils, Aria dish, and ritual instructions
  • Customizable Aroma - Choose between relaxing lavender or invigorating lemongrass essential oil
  • Limited Edition - Each handmade ceramic Aria dish comes as a numbered piece (out of 250)
  • Usage Notes - Avoid leaving rocks exposed in kitchen, as they will absorb cooking fumes

Ayadee focuses on the beauty of imperfection, of mended places, by creating artful pieces that highlight defining moments of repair. Each piece celebrates the uniqueness, winding journeys, and precious quirks that make us—and our lives—what they are. The "Stitches" collection focuses specifically on the magic of mending, of making whole again, by bringing the patterns of needle stitch-work into the world of ceramics.


"We are not perfect and that’s the beauty of it.
Our imperfections make us who we are."


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