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About the Artisan - Terrafirma Ceramics (Ellen Evans)

Terrafirma Ceramics Founder Ellen Evans

Terrafirma Ceramics founder and Artistic Director - Ellen Evans' casual, yet sophisticated style encourages creative place settings by mixing and matching complimentary colors and patterns across the various pieces on your tabletop to create a one of a kind dining experience.

"In our homes today, we want beautiful artistic objects that we can use comfortably everyday. My goal is to design tableware that enriches the presentation of food and in itself makes an elegant statement…yet is practical and durable enough for constant use. Please enjoy using and giving Terrafirma.” - Ellen Evans, Founder and Artistic Director - Terrafirma Ceramics

Ellen’s work has been featured in Elle Decor, InStyle Magazine, The Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings and many more which has helped make Terrafirma Ceramics popular among boutique home decor stores across the country.

Each Terrafirma piece is entirely handmade from stoneware and porcelain at their Queens studio in the heart of New York City. After being shaped by hand, several layers of porcelain clay are then layered on the top surface in order to create a white background. The surface is then painted through lace or fabric laid on top of the piece to give it it's color and unique surface texture.

It then enters the kiln for the first time and is fired to approximately 1500℉ to harden. It then gets another clear glaze and is fired again to 2200℉ creating a functional and durable ceramic piece that is completely food and dishwasher safe. Every collectible Terrafirma Ceramics piece is signed and dated by Ellen Evans.

Since each piece is individually handmade, all sizes are approximate. Variations in color, texture, surface blushing and other minor imperfections are to be expected and assure each piece of its individuality.

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Special Orders

Our in stock collection of Terrafirma Ceramics serveware features two of their most popular colors: Cobalt and Charcoal, and many complimentary patterns: Braid, Strata, Dot, Chevron, and Taj. Looking for a particular shape, color, pattern, or a larger quanitity? We can also special order any combination you'd like to help create a tabletop that's completely your own. Terrafirma pieces are made to order and take 6-8 weeks for delivery.

All Terrafirma Special Orders receive 10% off plus free shipping. Contact us for more details.

Terrafirma Ceramics Collection- Handmade Ceramic Serving Bowls and Platters - Color: Cobalt, Charcoal by Ellen EvansTerrafirma Ceramics - Ceramic Serving Bowl - view of natural stoneware base Terrafirma Ceramics - Handmade Ceramic Serving Bowl (Medium - 12 inch) - Braid - Natural Stoneware Base Signed and Dated by Ellen Evans