Why Copper Mugs Are Best for Moscow Mules

Sep 22nd 2021

Why Copper Mugs Are Best for Moscow Mules

When it comes to finding the best cup for your bartending collection, things may seem a bit tricky. Many people prefer copper because of the way it evenly conducts heat. Unlike glass, copper will keep your drink chilled so that you can enjoy every drip of your beverage. Not only that, but copper also looks luxurious, making it the perfect addition to everyone’s kitchen. Learn more about why copper mugs are best for Moscow mules with this informational guide.

Ideal Drinking Temperature

Many culinary professionals love copper kitchenware because it heats up quickly. But copper mugs also keep chilled drinks cold longer. This is because, as a metal, copper becomes cold like the beverage, so you can enjoy a refreshing Moscow mule on a hot summer day without worrying about it warming up. And because copper conducts temperatures better than other materials, you can put in the perfect amount of ice without worrying about your drink tasting watered down.

Better Flavor

Another reason why copper mugs are best for Moscow mules is because they boost overall flavor. Copper does more than keep your drink frosty: it also brings out the flavor of your cocktail. You can’t drink a Moscow mule out of a martini glass and get that same tangy taste you get when you sip it out of a copper mug. In fact, most experts agree it’s the copper mug that brings out the incredible flavors of ginger beer, vodka, and lime. The copper may even heighten the vodka flavor.

Copper is also the reason mules remain so fizzy. Pouring up this drink in a regular glass is a mistake because in a copper mug, all three drink elements react with the copper in a specific manner.

Enhanced Experience

Nothing beats drinking a Moscow mule out of a copper mug, and people have consumed the drink this way since the 1940s. There’s no reason to change what’s already perfect. After all, as we mentioned, it’s the copper that increases the potency of each flavor in your cocktail.

Copper mugs for your Moscow mules are the additions your at-home bar needs. You’ll have a better drinking experience, and you can keep these lovely pieces on the counter to show them off! If you’re looking to buy copper mugs that’ll wow every guest you have, shop Nicole-Rhea. Our skilled artists create beautiful additions for kitchens, so you’re not just buying copper drinkware but also works of art. You’re sure to love sipping a refreshing mule from your one-of-a-kind mug!