What Kind of Wood Are Wooden Spoons Made From?

Nov 10th 2021

What Kind of Wood Are Wooden Spoons Made From?

Wooden utensils are great additions to your kitchen because temperatures don’t affect them. Since wood is such a durable material, it’s also guaranteed to last for years, so long as you maintain it. But artisans can’t use just any type of wood to make their products and expect great results. Keep reading to discover what kinds of wood wooden spoons are made from.

Why Use Wooden Spoons?

Many people use wooden spoons in their kitchens because high cooking temperatures don’t affect them. This means you can leave the spoon in the soup or sauce you’re making without worrying about burning yourself when you touch it.

However, using the best wood for making wooden spoons is important because some woods are softer than others. Since you’ll use these kitchen tools for cooking and eating, you must shop for something durable.

Best Woods To Use

So what kind of wood are wooden spoons made from? Artisans use various types to create their wares, but kitchen experts agree that the best woods include:

  • Paper birch
  • Silver maple
  • Bamboo
  • Black cherry
  • Black walnut

Each type has various pros and cons to consider for carving wooden spoons. Artisans also need to know the difference between hard- and softwoods because this affects durability.

Caring for Wooden Spoons

Knowing how to care for your wooden utensils and other kitchenware will ensure they last for years. Just like plastic and metal, wood has specific care requirements. You can properly care for wooden utensils by:

  • Always handwashing with mild dish soap
  • Patting the utensils dry and then air-dry them before putting them away
  • Using kitchen-safe materials such as beeswax to prevent cracking. Avoid vegetable or olive oil, since the wood will absorb it and since both oils spoil over time.

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