The Benefits of Copper Drinkware: What You Need To Know

Sep 16th 2021

The Benefits of Copper Drinkware: What You Need To Know

Copper is a luxurious metal, and for centuries, people have created drinking vessels from it. From Europe and Asia to the States, people across the globe became fascinated with crafting copper. Today, these pieces still make appearances in home bars and kitchens around the world. If you’re curious about the benefits of copper drinkware and what you need to know about it, we suggest that you continue reading.

Benefit #1: It Looks Gorgeous

While copper drinkware appears simple, these glistening cups and mugs allow you to present your beverages elegantly. Consider a Moscow mule, for instance—the ginger beer and lime cocktail loved by so many. Because of its smooth yet spicy taste, it’s an iconic cocktail by itself. But we also remember it mainly because of the distinct copper mug, which people used as the drink’s vessel for several decades.

Additionally, copper drinkware varies in shape and size. So, you can purchase ones that speak to your personal taste. Further, they’re subtle, yet they make a bold, shiny statement—not to mention the unique markings they can have, which vary across handmade copper pieces. Over time, these pieces develop a stunning patina, too. People adore patina because it visually demonstrates a piece’s age, and copper pieces don’t disappoint.

Plus, copper drinkware items simultaneously act as decorative pieces. They effortlessly compliment modern interior design aesthetics, though they can shine in any room. The rich metallic red color pops against neutrals, such as black, cream, gray, or olive green. Copper items look marvelous on display, so you could consider placing them atop your kitchen island or on a nearby floating shelf. You can also neatly tuck them away on a beverage cart and pair them with small coffee table books, plants, or sculptures. By including these stylish touches, you ensure your living space becomes the place to be.

Benefit #2: You Can Keep Your Drinks Cold

Often, we run into situations where our icy drinks instantly turn warm. Luckily, thanks to its thermal conductivity, copper drinkware can prevent you from experiencing this. The metal from the copper vessel encourages ice to quickly cool the drink and keep it chilled for longer than your average container. It’s no wonder why copper drinkware is essential for summertime; cocktails, iced tea, and water stay at ideal temperatures. We encourage you to drink from it year-round, though, as the metal promotes a more irresistible taste and an amazing chilly feeling on your lips.

If you plan to entertain, don’t hesitate to opt for a copper set. This way, you can guarantee every guest has a refreshing beverage in hand. Or, if you’re moving into your very first home, place individual copper mugs and martini cups on your checklist. These are essential pieces that you’ll be glad you purchased before your big move.

Benefit #3: It Boasts Antimicrobial Properties

Over the past year or so, copper drinkware sales skyrocketed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Why is this? These items boast antimicrobial benefits, and they also possess antibacterial and antifungal properties. Thus, copper cups, water bottles, and other products ensure you can drink your beverages without the potentially hurtful microorganisms.

Benefit #4: It Can Help People Become Healthier

Who knew your drinkware could play a role in a healthy lifestyle? Many resources across the Internet—in addition to ancient Ayurvedic tradition—mention how copper drinkware can provide us with health benefits. Some of these sources say that the vessels leave copper ions behind when you store water in them overnight. This is because it’s a trace mineral. While microscopic bits of metal in your water might not sound good, these tiny copper remnants can aid our bodies. As a result, you receive copper-enriched water that benefits you in numerous ways. The advantages are incredible, and they arise because copper supposedly possesses oligodynamic effects. While scientists continue performing research to verify these benefits, it’s evident that copper has already positively impacted many peoples’ lives.

Benefit #5: It Offers A Promising Lifespan

Although copper drinkware may seem expensive up-front, it’s worth the investment. People love their copper goods because they’re incredibly functional. Since they’re sturdy yet lightweight, they’re suitable for frequent bar and kitchen use. You should use copper items if you wish to invest in drinkware you can use for years and eventually pass down. They’ll last, especially when you purchase items made of heavy-gauge copper; many inexpensive options out there are made from stainless steel and simply feature a copper lining. Plus, unlike glass, you won’t have to worry about broken shards.

But to keep them in pristine condition, you must also take excellent care of them. First, never place copper items in the dishwasher. To ensure they incur minimal to no damage, always handwash your copper drinkware with gentle dish soap. Be cautious as you handle these items, too. Aggressive washing can scratch or even severely harm the finish. So, use a soft sponge to wipe down the inside and outside of the drinkware. Additionally, to prevent spots, towel-dry these items with a smooth cotton cloth immediately afterward. Finally, you must occasionally polish your copper pieces to remove any patina and restore their finish.

As you can see, the benefits of copper drinkware are plentiful. We only touched on a few, but there are surely more out there given the metal’s history and versatility. This type of drinkware isn’t ordinary, but instead, it provides memorable experiences every time you utilize it.

If you’re interested in incorporating more copper items into your living space— particularly your kitchen—shop the beautiful pieces from our carefully curated selection. Nicole-Rhea is proud to offer handmade copper drinkware online. Many of our most popular copper drinkware items are made by Jonathan Beall and the talented artisans at Sertodo Copper in their US and Mexico workshops. Since their start in 1997, they have handcrafted each of their pure copper pieces from 100% recycled copper. Each piece also comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you can rest assured that your new one-of-a-kind drinkware collection will stand the test of time.