Practical Reasons To Cook With Wooden Spoons

Sep 27th 2021

Practical Reasons To Cook With Wooden Spoons

The wooden spoon is a superior cooking utensil. In fact, it does more than just look magnificent in its pretty holder on your kitchen counter. There are so many practical reasons to cook with wooden spoons. And after reading our thoughts, you’ll soon discover why some of the most talented chefs in the industry use them.

They’re Preferred for Prepping Any Dish

Wooden spoons are ideal tools for cooks of all skill levels—especially because they’re gentle, so you won’t nick yourself or your cookware. They’re great for preparing a variety of foods, too; for example, you can flip vegetables, turn dough, or whip up thick sauces and soups.

They’re Safe for Your Family and the Planet

We know kitchen gadgets can suddenly turn into breeding grounds for microorganisms. Fortunately, wooden spoons don’t attract bacteria and germs that quickly. On the other hand, plastic and silicone utensils can easily become grimy. Plus, wood won’t leak chemicals into food. Depending on the type of utensil you use, you may find it unintentionally alters how your dish will taste. By using wood, you can ensure your meal tastes exactly how you intended. Lastly, because wood is natural, users can trust that these utensils are an environmentally friendly choice. And should you choose to purchase wooden spoons through Nicole-Rhea, we proudly donate a tree to One Tree Planted with every order.

They’re Dependable

While you may think that a wooden spoon would be delicate, it’s surprisingly durable, so you can work without worrying about a broken utensil. Further, if you don’t own a spoon rest—or have one at the ready—you can rest your utensil on hot cookware, and it won’t melt. Plus, the spoons don’t damage nonstick surfaces because wood won’t scratch them. So it’s safe to say your favorite wooden spoon will last through decades of dinners!

They’re Easy To Use

Of course, we can’t forget to mention how amazing a wood spoon feels in your hand. Because it’s sturdy and smooth with rounded edges, you’ll likely reach for your trusty wooden spoon all the time. Additionally, unlike their metal counterparts, wooden utensils won’t get horribly hot or uncomfortably cool. Therefore, this spoon is the perfect companion for more time-consuming tasks like stirring.

Although we listed just a few of the most practical reasons to cook with wooden spoons, we hope these could persuade you to invest in at least one. Nicole-Rhea’s assortment of handcrafted wooden kitchen utensils includes beautiful options in stunning colors. We’re proud to offer products from the most skilled artisans. They carve all the spoons we showcase on our site, and because of their work, we can provide quality and unique products to you and your loved ones.