New Maker Spotlight: Ayadee Studio Ceramics

Oct 10th 2019

New Maker Spotlight: Ayadee Studio Ceramics

This week, we're welcoming Ayadee to our storefront! Based in New York City, the Ayadee Studio creates handmade ceramic pieces inspired by human imperfection, our spiraling journeys, and our transcendent capacity for self-repair. Each unique item is created as part of a limited-run collection, so the Ayadee "look" will evolve with time—and your numbered piece will become a modern relic that gains new meaning throughout the years. 

Aside from their limited edition status, these pieces also carry the signature differences that make them handmade: a slightly different curve here, and subtle line there. These beautiful variations allow you to own a truly unique work of art, making this the ultimate addition to your tastefully curated home decor collection. Take a look at some of our favorite Ayadee pieces!

Ava Cylinder Vase by Ayadee | Nicole Rhea Alia Stitched Ceramic Plate

The Stitches collection features a number of breathtaking all-white ceramic pieces that double as decor or functional objects. Each numbered piece is one of only 250 of its kind, making this limited-run collection extra special. 

The Ava cylinder vase and Alia plate in particular capture the bold, imaginative aesthetic of the collection as a whole. Both pieces look just as elegant all alone on a shelf as they do filled with flowers or plated with your latest kitchen creation.

Ayadee Ceramics Alta Stitched Ceramic Vase

It's hard to choose a favorite, though, especially because this collection is so coherent: every piece pairs beautifully with every other. The Alta cone vase and Azalea bulb vase look perfectly at home side by side, each accentuating the shape of the other. 

Azalea Vase by Ayadee Azalea Vase by Ayadee

Alta Cone Vase by Ayadee Aria Stitched Handmade Ceramic Dish

The Aria dish is perfect for smaller shelves and space-limited surfaces. It's the ideal size (4.5" in diameter) to double as a catchall for keeping rings, loose change, and other jewelry bits. You can also use yours as an artful snack plate for smaller hors d'oeuvres, sides, and petite desserts. 

Azalea Handmade Vase by Ayadee Azalea Stitched Ceramic Vase

Each piece comes with a fabric dust bag, luxury gift box, certificate of authenticity, and brief story of the collection. As we move into the holiday season, these pieces make excellent gifts—or fabulous additions to your own wish list.

Aya Handmade Ceramic Tall Vase Ovo Handmade Ceramic Egg Sculpture

In addition to the Stitches collection, the limited-run Cracks collection infuses the Ayadee objective with a distinctly desert-blown vibe. The sun-bleached color palette and hand-painted lines offer a fresh perspective on renewal through mended places. The Aya tall vase and selection of Ovo sculptures in three sizes create a vast array of styling possibilities for any shelf, table setting, or side table. Each item in this limited-edition collection is one of only 30 others of its kind.

Aya Handmade Ceramic Vase Ayadee Ceramic Art

We love the versatile styling options that these texture-rich pieces have to offer. Muted natural tones and delicate gold metallic line-work allow these pieces to transition seamlessly from everyday decor to fancier occasions like your holiday table settings of Christmas mantle designs.

Ovo Handmade Ceramic Decor

If you love these pieces as much as we do, browse our selection of Ayadee pieces in the shop and curate your very own assortment of limited-edition handmade art. 

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Photo Credits: @ayadeestudio