New Artisan: Lafayette Avenue Ceramics (Jillian Schimmel)

Posted by Jason Rhea Flanagan on May 9th 2018

New Artisan: Lafayette Avenue Ceramics (Jillian Schimmel)

We're excited to mark the one year anniversary of  Nicole-Rhea | Artisan Crafted Homewares with the introduction of a new ceramic artisan to the site: Jillian Schimmel of Lafayette Avenue Ceramics. Originally from Philadelphia, Jillian moved to Phoenix to major in ceramics at Arizona State University. She fell in love with the heat and sunsets, and decided to stay a while. Today in her Tempe studio, she works along a small team to create her handmade ceramic dinnerware, drinkware and kitchen essentials. You can see the southwestern influence in much of her work - the bright vibrant colors of the Signature Collection and the hand painted gold accents on a muted palette in the Gold Collection.

Jillian's passion for ceramics extends beyond creating something from nothing with her hands....she wants her pieces to help  Connect, Nourish and Sustain those whose life her work has touched.


She reminisces fondly of family gatherings, days spent in the kitchen and the connection and memories formed while cooking together. 

"Lafayette Avenue Ceramics creates the dishes that hold the food that brings the family together. These are the dishes that hold the love.

We cook with our hands and our hearts and that is exactly the way I make my pottery."


She believes that wholesome foods and time spent together preparing it are the keys to nourishing your body and soul.

"When you spend the time to investigate where your foods come from, seek out the people who grow your food, purchase it from a human with a face and learn their story, and then go home and prepare a meal with family and share that special, sacred, human necessity - you will nurture not only your body, but also your soul."


From owning ceramic wares that will last a lifetime to the low impact method by which they were created, Jillian believes strongly in leading a life that sustains our earth and the special connections with wares that will be passed down through generations. 

"So frequently, we eat from disposable, single use products. By owning items so fleetingly and then discarding them, not only are we polluting our environment with excess trash, but we are losing our personal connections to these wares that we are so intimately associated with."


The Signature Collection

Functional kitchenware designed for everyday use in your home. 

Lafayette Avenue Ceramics Signature Collection

Lafayette Avenue Ceramics Signature Collection

Dock + Tide Collection

Summertime sun and salt water air are the inspiration behind the Dock + Tide Collection. Hand thrown in small batches in Phoenix, Arizona, these dishes invoke memories of brunch on the pier, sunset dinners and cocktails down by the water.

Lafayette Avenue Ceramics Dock + Tide Collection

Lafayette Avenue Ceramics Dock + Tide Collection

Gold Collection

A little touch of gold meets southwestern flair. All Gold items feature a glossy off-white glaze with hand painted 14K gold accent. Please remember that these items are not microwave safe.

Lafayette Avenue Ceramics Gold Collection

Lafayette Avenue Ceramics Gold Collection

Spring 2018 Collection

Classic and elemental, each Marble glazed item is completely unique. Black and White Marble items are seasonal and will be available through August 2018.

Lafayette Avenue Ceramics Spring 2018 Collection

Lafayette Avenue Ceramics - Spring 2018 Collection

"My wish is that you will treasure my ceramic pieces the same way I do and that they will last a life time, eliminating the need for disposable kitchen items and creating a bond between the user and their surroundings."

Jillian - Founder, Lafayette Avenue Ceramics

You can check out our entire  Lafayette Avenue Ceramics collection here.