Maker Spotlight: RockTimber Slate Products!

Sep 27th 2019

Maker Spotlight: RockTimber Slate Products!

Run by husband-and-wife duo Janine and Steve Birch, RockTimber is a natural slate and stone company based in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania. Janine's background in video production and her foodie passions serve as the origins for many of RockTimber's designs, while Steve's career in the natural stone industry provided the initial technical expertise needed to find the best stone textures.

With an eye for natural beauty and a deep respect for earth's ability to make its own art, Janine and Steve have made it their goal to bring beautifully finished natural stone textures into the home kitchen. Each piece of slate is "harvested" according to quality and color, shaped, and then finished to create an elegant food-safe surface for serving or protecting your tabletops. 

The brilliance of these designs is their practicality and versatility. Janine's commitment to quality food and elegant meal styling lends an extra level of taste to every tiny detail of her pieces. You can truly use slate coasters or serving boards at breakfast, lunch, happy hour, or dinner. But don't take our word for it—check out these foodie serving ideas!



How to Care for Your Slate Products

RockTimber also offers all the necessities for styling and maintaining your slate, including quality soapstone chalk and easy-use conditioning oil. Whether you're a first-time slate owner or you're looking to add some shine to your existing slate items, these essentials help preserve your investment and maintain their natural luster after many uses.

       RockTimber's stone conditioner is made with food-safe mineral oil.


Unlike talc, soapstone chalk is soft and dust-free.      

With semi-regular conditioning, your slate items retain their natural sheen and rich color. To apply, you simply add a few drops of conditioning oil into a rag and polish it into your stone item, whether that's a slate board or RockTimber's white stone Travertine coasters (see below).


“To me, stone is timeless and beautiful. Its raw-beauty fits into any home decor and can be used in so many ways. I like to think that my family contributes a great deal to my inspiration. As a mom, I believe it’s important to share with my kids my passion and persistence as a maker. It fuels their creativity and gives them confidence to try harder and to keep tryingsseeing that makes it all worthwhile.”   - Janine Birch, RockTimber