Luxurious Wedding Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime

Nov 9th 2021

Luxurious Wedding Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime

Finding the perfect gift for newlyweds means determining what they’ll use most. There are plenty of classic items like china and crystal, but those aren’t the only things a married couple needs. You may not know where to start, and you don’t want to give them a present they don’t need. As home décor experts, we’ve compiled a list of luxurious wedding gifts that will last a lifetime. Below are some items you need to look out for as you search for a one-of-a-kind gift to bring to the upcoming bridal shower or wedding.

Kitchen Staples

For some couples, getting married also means moving out for the first time, so some kitchen items may be necessary. For example, an electric stand or hand mixer is perfect for couples who love cooking or baking. These items are also durable and last, which means years of preparing delicious family meals.

Food Preparation Essentials

Before we cook our food, we need to prepare it, so every couple needs the tools and items for food prep. If you’re not sure where to start, then consider giving:

  • Mixing bowls: Metal or ceramic mixing bowls work for almost all foods and temperatures.
  • Knife set: Everyone needs knives both for food preparation and dining.
  • Cutting boards: High-quality wood offers years of use.

Any gift you buy for the lovely couple in your life is sure to be a great addition to their kitchen as they cook up memories.

Pots and Pans Set

A pots and pans set is a must-have for every couple, and when you invest in quality, they can make meals with it for decades. Copper cookware is long-lasting and keeps cooking temperatures even. So long as you properly care for your pots and pans, they last for years.

A Dining Set

Many individuals own both formal and everyday dinnerware, so they have something for every occasion. Fine china is a classic wedding gift that often becomes a keepsake—some even gift theirs to their children. In addition to fine china, you also need silver and glassware. Many of these items last forever, and a couple can easily make them the next treasured family heirlooms.


Chances are, you’ll use a dinnerware set every day, or at least several times a week. It’s always a good idea to ask for some ceramic tableware. While most take out their fine china for formal events holidays, you may not want to use it when hosting friends or a handful of relatives.

Keep in mind that some dinnerware sets only come with a bowl, dinner, and dessert plate, so items like pitchers or teacups may require a separate purchase. Sometimes items like a pitcher can remain out on the dining room table—when it’s not in use, it’s a lovely centerpiece. Not only that, but it also makes a house feel more like home.


One-of-a-kind dinnerware sets make for the perfect gift for every couple. At Nicole-Rhea, we offer a variety of artisan home products, so any present you give stands out. Our skilled artists create everything from dinnerware to linens so you can eat off a work of art.


You won’t just need silverware, but also silverware accessories. Napkin rings and candlesticks make a setting look truly elegant, and this is a popular wedding gift. Strive to get a silverware set that’s versatile so you can use it regardless of the bowls and plates you own. In addition, you get more use out of a piece that pairs with each change you make in your home.


Stemmed glasses look elegant, and many couples use these for private dinners to celebrate their love or when they invite their parents over for a formal dinner. While you may not use stemware every day, special occasion glasses are timeless.

Hosting Essentials

Every couple needs at least a few hosting items to make the first holiday a bit easier. Sometimes, it’s best to stick to neutrals to ensure it matches the home regardless of design. People love a gift with purpose and think of the giver each time they use it.


A nice set of linens can truly enhance the ambiance in a room. Quality tablecloths, runners, and napkins always make for a useful gift. Having various linen sets allows a couple to change the look of a room with ease; some people even do this seasonally.


Almost every host also needs at least some barware. Champagne glasses and crystals are ideal for special occasions. However, if you want everyday pieces that last a lifetime, search out wine or martini glasses. And if you want to make the gift extra special for a drink connoisseur, then you cannot go wrong with a cocktail set.


Copper drinkware is luxurious and high-quality, just like the cookware. Drinks remain cool longer when you use copper drink holders or shakers. And as a bonus, you have a beautiful piece to keep on the counter or bar when it’s not in use.  

Cozy Home Accessories

Some of the best luxurious wedding gifts that will last a lifetime center around adornments. Accents give a house personality and make it feel like home. Decorative pillows and soft throws tie a room together and really make it feel like home. But home décor doesn’t end there. A decorative vase adds a splash of color to the living room, while trays and candle holders add class.

Other items like coasters and mugs get used nearly every day and last a lifetime when they’re made of durable materials like ceramic. Add a bit of elegance to the newlywed’s life with a gift that will bring a smile to their faces.

Most agree that nothing beats a handmade gift. A lot of thought and time goes into these items. While we don’t all have the skills or resources to create beautiful home décor, you can still gift it to a couple. Nicole-Rhea has talented artisans who create works of art everyone will love. And when a work of art has a function, it becomes an ideal addition to a home.