How To Select and Present the Perfect Housewarming Gift

Jun 11th 2021

How To Select and Present the Perfect Housewarming Gift

You’re looking for the perfect housewarming gift for a family member or friend. You may find the gift-giving process frustrating, especially if you’re not the world’s best gift-giver. Also, you may not know the recipient of your gift very well, so that probably adds to the challenge. We’ve put together this short, handy guide. If you’re looking to learn how to select and present the perfect housewarming gift, we can help.

No doubt, people always appreciate handmade items. Today, companies all over the world mass-produce items, so it’s always nice to purchase more unique housewarming gifts when possible. Handmade items evoke craftsmanship and expertise, and this type of gift shows the receiver that you care enough to give them something more. However, what truly makes a handmade gift special is that it has character—there are no two exactly alike. Indeed, it’s a gift they will cherish for many years.

Consider Giving Them Decorative Pieces

When it comes to decorations, most new homeowners don’t have many of these types of items. Typically, they immediately prioritize essential items like their bed, a couch, and other larger furnishings, so gifting decorative pieces is practically perfect. From original artwork to fascinating sculptures, opt for anything that will make their new home more welcoming. Typically, you can find affordable and one-of-a-kind items at local craft shows or markets. Additionally, strive to make or purchase items in neutral colors, when possible, as most people gravitate toward these when decorating their living spaces.

Present Them With a Healthy Potted Plant

Potted plants look fantastic and provide fresh, clean air for the lucky recipient. They can also place small potted plants nearly anywhere, making them a fabulous housewarming gift. They’re a living thing as well, so many receivers will appreciate that they have greenery to beautify their home and keep them company. Plus, the person who received the plant will think of you often when they’re caring for it. To add an exquisite touch, consider offering this gift in a handmade planter.

Everyone Loves a Little Coziness

What makes a new house a home is the warm feeling you get from seeing and touching softer items, such as blankets, pillows, and rugs. Textiles—particularly handmade options—create that desirable visual texture that so many homeowners want in their spaces. So if your family member or friend hasn’t purchased these types of things yet, this is the perfect opportunity to help them contribute comfort to their new home.

Above all, if you find yourself stumped on how to select and present the perfect housewarming gift, think about offering handcrafted pieces. We take pride in all the items we carry at Nicole-Rhea. Our handmade housewares make excellent housewarming gifts, and we can’t wait for you to share them with your friends and loved ones.