How to Clean Wooden Salad Bowls: Your One Stop Care Guide to Cleaning, Seasoning and Sanitizing your Wooden Bowls

Sep 30th 2017

How to Clean Wooden Salad Bowls: Your One Stop Care Guide to Cleaning, Seasoning and Sanitizing your Wooden Bowls

Cleaning and caring for your wooden salad bowls isn't difficult, but there are few things you should know in order to keep your bowls looking fresh and to keep them from splitting or cracking over time. Just follow these simple steps:


1. Hand wash your bowls immediately after use with warm soap and water and a soft sponge. NEVER let them soak in water. Too much moisture leads to eventual cracking and splitting! That means no shortcuts...don't use the dishwasher! 

2. Make sure you towel dry your bowls immediately, and then let them air dry to make sure all of the moisture is removed. 

Question: Why can't I wash wooden bowls in the dishwasher? 

Answer: Dishwashers are especially harmful to wooden bowls not just because of the moisture, but also because of the heat. The two together will cause the bowl to warp and put your bowls at great risk of splitting or cracking.  


Is your wooden bowl starting to look a little dull or dry? Eventually all wooden salad bowls will need to be refreshed to restore the luster it had when it was new. This also helps prevent excess moisture from penetrating the bowl. 

1. After cleaning and drying thoroughly, use a soft cloth to apply a food safe mineral oil or edible beeswax to the bowl. Cover the entire bowl and let it soak for a few minutes. Then wipe the oil/beeswax off and you're ready to serve. NEVER use cooking oils such as vegetable oil or olive oil.

Question: How often should I season my wooden salad bowl? 

Answer: It depends. Some bowls need to be seasoned as frequently as every month, while others are finished with a longer lasting finish and don't need it as frequently. The bottom line is that you should season them whenever they are starting to look a little dull or dry. This plus proper cleaning technique is the best defense against splitting or cracking. 

Question: Where can I buy food-safe mineral oil or edible beeswax?

Answer: You can usually find it a your local grocery store or pharmacy


As with most items in the kitchen...sometimes your wooden bowls just needs a good sanitizing! Just make sure you use the proper technique:

1. Mix 1 part white vinegar to 5 parts water (1:5). Rub the mixture onto the bowl or fill the bowl with the mixture. Let it sit for several minutes. Rinse and dry thoroughly. 

That's it. Just follow these simple steps to keep your wooden bowls looking like new. 

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