Handmade Holiday Table Essentials: Our Top Picks

Nov 21st 2019

Handmade Holiday Table Essentials: Our Top Picks

As we move into the height of holiday season, we are reminded to cherish the little things. From shared moments and hearty meals to special traditions and decorations, the holidays allow us to indulge in what brings us joy. From Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Years, planning your table design and party accoutrements allows you to customize the backdrop of your most joyful holiday gatherings. 

We've collected some of our favorite handmade goods to adorn your holiday tables and share the joy of handcrafted modern heirlooms. From warm natural tones to neutral place setting staples and glittering copper masterpieces, this selection of holiday-ready goods has a little something for every taste.

Serving Utensils

Handmade wooden serving utensils from Four Leaf Wood Shop offer the perfect complement to your home-cooked dishes. From artfully hand-carved serving spoons to butter spreaders, pie servers, and cake knives, this beautiful selection of handcrafted wooden goods would look at-home alongside any table decor.

12" Cooking Spoons (left); Cherry cheese knives (right)

Cherry cake knife (left); Pie servers (right)

Oval Serving Spoons in Walnut (left); 12" Walnut cooking spoon (right)

Place Settings

When it comes to holiday dishware, we love the trend towards neutral, minimalist place settings in earthy tones. These handmade ceramic plates and dish sets from Lafayette Avenue Ceramics and Whiskey + Clay offer rich textures that lend themselves to versatile styling. These handcrafted place settings pair perfectly with your bold table accents, colorful napkins, and festive centerpieces. As a bonus, these larger ceramic dinner plates look elegant beneath pie plates as creative chargers.


Lafayette Avenue Dock plates (left); Whiskey + Clay dishware set (right)

Left: Lafayette Avenue Mug, Right: Lafayette Avenue 9" Dock plate

Copper Serveware

In the short, dark days of winter, brightening your holiday table design is fundamental. From the main course to dessert and after-dinner drinks, these hammered copper pieces create a luminous, dazzling effect at your gathering. Each item is handmade by Sertodo Copper master craftsman to deliver luxury works of art that will become instant heirlooms in your household.


Sertodo Copper cake plate (left); Copper Oblation bowl (right)

Top left: Copper Oblation platter, Top right: Serving tray & Copper cocktail mixer with pedestal base,

Bottom left: Copper water pitcher with flat handle, Bottom right: Copper water pitcher with rolled handle

The beauty of these handmade copper pieces also lies in their ability to lend their brightness to any design moment. Each water vase can also become an elegant floral container—every drinking cup also doubles as an hors d'oeuvres container, drink sampler, or glittering vase for your mini table bouquets. Each handcrafted ice bucket can also be styled to hold seasonal foliage and cut flowers to create a stunning holiday centerpiece to make your holidays feel that much more special.

Top left: Hammered copper barware set, Top right: Copper Apa drinking cups, Bottom: Sertodo Copper Nile Cradle oval ice bucket, two ways

When it comes to serving your family's favorite home-cooked holiday meals, Sertodo Copper offers a wide variety of serving trays and platters in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes.Choose from a creative selection of oval, round, square, and triangular trays to style your hors d'oeuvres or snack tables, as well as to artfully plate your dinner sides and mixed drinks.

Top: Sertodo copper serving platters in various shapes and sizes, Bottom left: Copper half moon serving trays and Copper triangle serving trays, Bottom right: Hammered Copper Frutera bowl and Copper Salsita bowl

Bold Table Linens

As one of our newest makers in the shop, Willow Ship linens have made quite the bold entrance. Based in Portland, Oregon, creator Blake Zahan block-prints every item in her collection by hand on 100% natural linen. These beautifully designed textiles fuse creative shapes with rich color palettes, transforming your holiday table into a true art statement. Perfect for creating photo-worthy place settings, these soft, supple linen napkins and table runners are the ultimate luxury in sustainable living.

'Stacks' 6-foot table runner and linen napkins in Terra/Petal colorway

Left: 'Totem' 6-foot table runner in 2019 colorway, Right: 'Half Moons' dinner napkins in blue and 'Half Moons' cocktail napkins in gray

Left: 'Plus' place mats and dinner napkins, Right: 'Pebbles' 6-foot table runner and dinner napkins

We hope these products have energized your creative plans for crafting artful table decor and meal accessories.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!