Handmade Ceramic Mugs: 30 of Our Favorite Mugs and Makers

Posted by Jason Rhea Flanagan on Aug 24th 2020

Handmade Ceramic Mugs: 30 of Our Favorite Mugs and Makers

We’ve made the search for your next handmade ceramic mug easy. Explore our favorite handmade mugs from around the world in one place. 

While I have a deep appreciation for all things handmade, I believe there’s something extra special about handmade ceramic mugs. I think it’s largely because we associate them with moments in life that we cherish so deeply: the quiet time with your morning coffee before the hustle and bustle of the day begins, hot cocoa by the fire with your family on a cold and blustery winter evening, tea on the front porch on the first perfect day of spring...

But it’s more than just that. Your choice of handmade mugs reflects your personality and unique aesthetic flair. And behind that aesthetic is a rich story that begins with the mug’s maker – a story that becomes wrapped up in your own as you travel through your daily life, punctuating mornings, evenings and special moments with your favorite mug in hand. Over time it becomes a comforting and familiar reminder of all those special moments past.

Finding that perfect handmade mug is not always easy though. There are so many amazing handmade mugs out there from so many amazing artists that it can be incredibly difficult to even know where to start.

At Nicole-Rhea, our mission is to help people discover and appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of handmade goods and the makers, craftspeople, artists, and artisans who create them.

To make your mug shopping experience a little easier, I’ve put together a list of our favorite handmade ceramic mugs and their makers, including artists from all over the world. I’ve shared some thoughts on why each mug spoke to me, as well as a little bit about the maker so that you can begin to understand the special story behind it.

I hope that you find it helps make your search a little easier, your special moments a little more special, and that you uncover more than one new favorite along the way.

Jason Rhea Flanagan
Founder - Nicole-Rhea | Artisan Crafted Homewares

P.S. - My deepest thanks to all of the amazing artists featured here for your help and for allowing me to share your work with the world. 

Note: This list is in alphabetical order by maker, and is by no means exhaustive. As we discover new makers and new must-have mugs, we'll continue to update this list. 

Our Favorite Handmade Ceramic Mugs from Around the World

Mountain Mug by A Question of Eagles

A Question of Eagles Handmade Stoneware Coffee Mug

Maker: A Question of Eagles

Made In: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel


I love the classic shape of this mug and the way the abstract angular geometric designs evoke mountain peaks. The details are hand-carved, so each mug is one-of-a-kind.

The rustic alabaster white contrasts beautifully with the rich brown clay and the elegantly curved handle echoes the rounded base and makes the mug feel perfectly balanced.

The soothing colors and timeless form will make this mug right at home in any style of kitchen. Plus, it’s just the right size and shape to cradle in your hands while you sip a hot cup of tea or coffee.

About the Maker: Husband and wife team Jonathan and Melissa work from their studio in Los Angeles and are inspired by the landscape, culture and nature of the West. Drawing upon studio pottery styles from the 60s and 70s, they describe their style as “rustic modern.” The love and care they put into their work shines through in each unique, hand-thrown piece. Learn More

Porcelain Mug (Azure lines) by By the Line Pottery

Handmade Porcelain Mugs (Azure lines) by By the Line Pottery

Maker: By The Line Pottery (Kathryn Sherriff)

Made In: South London, U.K.

Material: Porcelain

Method(s): Wheel, Inlaid


Simple, clean and functional are the common threads through all of Kathryn’s work, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in her ‘Azure Lines’ mugs. The mid-century modern influence on Kathryn’s work is apparent, and I love the soft colors, simple inlaid design elements and polished look and feel.

About the Maker: Kathryn's studio is located near a railway line in Carshalton Village, South London. With each handmade piece, she passionately shares her love of mid-century design while keeping her pieces practical and sincere. Learn More

“I really do think there is something special about using a handmade mug and I have a little collection from favourite makers that I use for my many mugs of tea each day.” - Kathryn Sherriff

Deep Ocean Mug by Elizabeth Benotti Ceramics

Handmade Deep Ocean Mug by Elizabeth Benotti Ceramics

Maker: Elizabeth Benotti Ceramics

Made In: Eliot, Maine, USA

Materia: Porcelain

Method(s): Pinched, carved, inlaid


The Deep Ocean Mug has many of the elements that give Elizabeth Benotti’s work it’s distinctive look and feel. I love its short, broad shape, pinched texture, and deep satin matte midnight blue glaze which contrasts with the patch of light and parallel lines at the handle.

About the Maker: Elizabeth's work is heavily influenced by her lifelong journey – one full of colorful characters and adventures. Most recently, life has brought her to the small, coastal town of Eliot, Maine, where she creates artwork that will inspire you to stop and appreciate the present moment. Learn More

Crown Heights Pottery Mug by Fenway Clayworks

Crown Heights Handmade Pottery Mug by Fenway Clayworks

Maker: Fenway Clay Works (Sean Vandervliet)

Made In: Denver, Colorado, USA

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel


The Crown Heights Mug is a striking example of Sean’s attention to design and detail. Glazed in both satin and matte black tones that are broken up with an eye-catching matte pink line, this mug is bold, conceptual, and timeless.

About the Maker: Sean is one of those artists that has loved the craft all his life. However, his passion goes beyond the art itself, he thrives on building a community around him of like-minded people. Currently residing in Denver, Colorado, he has been heavily influenced by its artistic community that aspires to create something impactful. Learn More

Terrain Ceramic Mug No. 05 by Hand + Fire

Terrain Handmade Ceramic Mug No. 05 by Hand + Fire

Maker: Hand + Fire (Sage Cortez)

Made In: Saint Helens, Oregon, USA

Material: Hakeme Porcelain, Hakeme Stone

Method: Handbuilt


The beauty of the Terrain Mug by Hand + Fire is immediate and undeniable, but my appreciation for it grew as I learned about the story behind its making. Inspired by her time spent in the Eastern Oregon mountains, Sage layers varying tones of gray porcelain and stoneware slips to create depth, perspective and a stoic mood. The texture and detail that covers the mug is created with the brush marks of pine needles gathered from the base of a tree at Wallowa Lake, near where the mug was inspired. The final product is a stunning and particularly memorable work of art.

About the Maker: Sage’s primary focus as a maker is perfecting qualities of the hand with functional pottery. She makes pieces that bring life into the home, and that are a break from the casted, symmetrical and manufactured world of goods. Learn More

"This mug was one of a kind piece that is very dear to me because it illustrates a specific time and place during my residency in Joseph, Oregon. Wallowa County is an area I've been going to for a long time and love.” - Sage Cortez

Charcoal Mug by Hilda Carr Pottery

Handmade Charcoal Mugs by Hilda Carr Pottery

Maker: Hilda Carr Pottery

Made In: South London, U.K.

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel thrown


Elegant yet simple, this wheel-thrown mug came to life in Hilda's small garden studio in South London. I love the angled shape, deeply arched top to bottom handle, and the transition between the light gloss white to dark charcoal gradient. 

About the Maker: Hilda truly appreciates the transformative nature of taking something from the earth and creating something beautiful from it. She works out of her small studio in South London where she appreciates the slow pace and simplicity that ceramics offers her. Learn More

“Choosing your favourite handmade mug for your morning cup of tea turns that tiny everyday ritual into something that little bit more special. It gives you the chance to slow down and appreciate the small things.” - Hilda Carr

Jars of Dust Ceramic Mug

Jars of Dust Handmade Ceramic Mug

Maker: Jars of Dust (Mallorie Terranova)

Made In: Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel thrown


The tall, slender shape, slight curve from top to bottom and smoothly rounded edges of the Mug by Jars of Dust make for a simple and irresistible form that you'll want to pick up just to see how it feels in your hand. I especially like how the organic color palette of moss green, eggshell white, oak, and copper compliments the simplicity of the form, making it easy to match with a wide range of colors in your drinkware collection.

About the Maker: Mallorie founded Jars of Dust in 2015 while attending school at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. All Jars of Dust pieces are handmade in her Virginia Beach studio/storefront where you can find her at the potter’s wheel any day of the week. Learn More

“The Jars of Dust Mug was designed and created for the hands…all types, sizes, shapes, and colors. The cylindrical body of the form was made to be easily cupped by the hand, the swooping handle was made to be easily gripped by the hand, and the notch at the top of the handle was made as a cozy resting place for the thumb, the rim was made to be a soft and safe landing place to sip from, and the earthy yet neutral glazes make it so that it looks like it belongs in any home.” - Mallorie Terranova

Black Clay Starburst Stoneware Mug by Jennifer Spring Ceramics

Black Clay Starburst Handmade Stoneware Mugs by Jennifer Spring Ceramics

Maker: Jennifer Spring Ceramics (Jennifer Spring)

Mde In: Seattle, WA, USA

Material: Black Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel, carved


The intricacy of the starburst pattern in this mug by Jennifer Spring Ceramics reminds me just how much time, effort, and dedication goes into making a hand-carved piece. Carved from black clay and glazed in white, the textured surface offers practical grip – ideal for a mug of its size. The thumb rest on the handle makes the mug even easier to hold, a thoughtful bonus to an already beautiful ceramic collectable.

About the Maker: After life took Jennifer in a different direction for nearly 10 years, she's incredibly thankful to have found pottery again. With her work she hopes to make life more enjoyable through pieces that feel great to touch and hold. Learn More

Lulworth Mug II by Kara Leigh Ford Ceramics

Lulworth Handmade Mug II by Kara Leigh Ford Ceramics

Maker: Kara Leigh Ford Ceramics

Made In: Bath, U.K.

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel


While you may never have been to the chalk cliffs in Lulworth that inspired it, this mug elicits the raw, natural beauty of the ocean – particularly at the break of day, when a rose colored tint begins to light up the horizon. The custom glaze work by Kara Leigh Ceramics has depth and weight to it, inspiring quiet moments of contemplation.

About the Maker: Crafted in a studio just outside of Bath, Somerset, Kara's coastline inspired pottery is created to help you bring back fond memories of your favorite beach scenes. Learn More

"I grew up on the South West coast; the beaches were my childhood playground. I am drawn to making pots which remind me of lazy summer days next to the ocean - the textures and colors are echoed in my glazes. This glaze is named Lulworth; the soft pink hues are reminiscent of a winter sunset reflected off the chalk cliffs near Lulworth, Dorset." - Kara Leigh Ford

Stone-Like Ceramic Mug by Kari Ceramics

Stone-Like Handmade Ceramic Mug by Kari Ceramics

Maker: Kari Ceramics (Kari Ytterdal)

Made In: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Hand-shaped


The organic stone-like finish on this handmade mug by Kari Ceramics is achieved with detailed hand work and is enough to make it unique. What makes it one of my favorites though is how the flat, stone-like unglazed exterior pairs so beautifully with the vibrant interior colors. (My personal favorite is the Speckled Blue). The combination is attention grabbing, and at the same time very refined. Additionally, the thumb rest on the side of the mug makes for an inviting and comfortable mug that you can hug.

About the Artist: The natural beauty of stone, trees, and water give Kari the inspiration to explore the artistic potential within the clay, and she is captivated by the thought of creating custom pottery that is both beautiful and functional. Learn More

“I think what is characteristic for it and what really makes it a favourite mug for so many people, is that it has a thumb-rest on the side and it feels so incredibly satisfying to hold it and to hug the mug! I like to use this phrase sometimes ‘Let your thumb rest and hug the mug!’” - Kari Ytterdal

'Rye' Pottery Mug by Kate Brigden Ceramics

'Rye' Handmade Pottery Mug by Kate Brigden Ceramics

Maker: Kate Bridgen Ceramics

Made In: Sussex, England

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel


These mugs come to life in a garden studio in Sussex, England. This pattern is called 'Rye,' and it is aptly named for its resemblance to the stalks of the rye plant’s flour-making grain. Grey pigment is delicately painted over white glaze, and as you take a closer look, you'll notice my favorite part about this mug….the tiny golden speckles that cover it. These speckles are formed naturally when the iron-rich clay is fired in the kiln. The result adds a subtle elegance to the otherwise subdued pattern. The result is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece: No two of these mugs are exactly alike.

About the Maker: After Kate achieved a Masters in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, she sought out a new type of canvas to paint and turned to clay. Her goods are all crafted in her garden studio in South Downs. Learn More

"Mugs are my favorite thing to make, as I love the thought that one of my mugs might become someone's favorite, that they'll use and cherish every day!" - Kate Brigden

Soft Satin Blue Hand Carved Mug by Kate Mac Ceramics

Soft Satin Blue Hand Carved Mug by Kate Mac Ceramics

Maker: Kate Mac Ceramics (Kate McElwee)

Made In: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel, carved


The texture from the simple, hand carved lines in this mug by Kate Mac Ceramics perfectly balances out its dimensions.. I love its soft, satin blue exterior and purposely imperfect edging along the inner rim. The white interior glaze provides a bright canvas for your favorite morning beverage.

About the Maker: Kate is a photographer by trade turned maker after discovering a passion for pottery and its immersive, physical and tactile nature. Born in the UK, but currently residing in Boston, she is inspired by an appreciation for the finer details of an object that make everyday home life more enjoyable. Learn More

"I love designing ware that engages the senses, and how a mug feels in hand is so important to me. I love the soft, satin feel of this glaze, and the texture added by the hand carving process. It adds to the tactile experience. The handles are pulled by hand, which makes them very comfortable to hold. I spend a lot of time thinking about how pieces will be held by the end-user; some people grip a handle, others cup their mug with both hands around the belly. I want both types of people to have a really tactile experience when they hold one of my mugs." - Kate McElwee

Dipped Stoneware & Porcelain Mug by Lafayette Avenue Ceramics

Available at Nicole-Rhea 

Handmade Dipped Stoneware & Porcelain Mugs by Lafayette Avenue Ceramics

Maker: Lafayette Avenue Ceramics (Jillian Schimmel)

Made In: Tempe, Arizona, USA

Material: Stoneware/Porcelain Mix

Method(s): Wheel


The Dipped Mug by Lafayette Avenue Ceramics features a bright, cozy design, and that’s what maker Jillian Schimmel was trying to achieve when she created it. The handle is large and comfortable, the walls sturdy, and it holds a good amount of your favorite morning beverage. I’m partial to the Ocean-colored glaze, made more striking by the mug’s natural, unglazed base.

About the Maker: At Lafayette Avenue Ceramics, the motivation behind creating each piece is the stance that beautiful food should be served on beautiful dishes. After falling in love with the heat and the sunsets of Tempe, Arizona, Jillian knew this is where she wanted to start her studio. Her ceramic designs are motivated by the heart of the home - the kitchen. With each handmade piece, she sets out to create something that inspires beautiful food and beautiful conversation. Learn More

"The mug is the quintessential piece of pottery. When I designed our mug, I wanted it to be big enough for a lot of coffee and I wanted a handle big enough for all 4 fingers. I also designed it be fuss-free. Its dishwasher and microwave safe and stacks nicely in a cupboard. Why complicate things? Your everyday coffee mug should be simple, cozy and pretty." - Jillian Schimmel

Boho Rain Raw Ceramic Mug by Leiluca

Boho Rain Raw Handmade Ceramic Mugs by Leiluca

Maker: Leiluca (Jacquie Garcia)

Made In: Newcastle, Australia

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel, carved


I have a weak spot for hand-carved mugs. The intricacies in this mug by Leiluca are mesmerizing, with a design that looks at once modern and charmingly antique. Wheel-thrown and hand-carved, this mug’s colors and textures explore the ambiance of a rainy day. The smaller size makes it perfect for an evening cup of tea or midday pick-me-up.

About the Maker: Jacquie Garcia is the artist behind Leiluca. Working from her home studio in Waratah, NSW, Australia she takes inspiration from her natural surroundings and works those colors and textures into her work. Her love of the beach is clearly reflected in her work. Learn More

"I have grown up around the beach and lakes, so my work is inspired by nature around me. I use a lot of color and texture in my work. The boho rain mug uses mark making and texture to tell a story. It's a simple story of earth and the beauty of a rainy day." - Jacquie Garcia

Upright Ceramic Mug by Lucy Rutter Studio Pottery

Upright Handmade Ceramic Mug by Lucy Rutter Studio Pottery

Maker: Lucy Rutter Studio Pottery

Made In: Faversham, UK

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel


The tall, sloping shape and earthy green and tan colors - inspired by the landscape of the Kent marshes - make this mug an excellent addition to the nature-lover’s pantry. I especially appreciate the mug’s textured, unglazed lower portion which meets its upper half with a delicate rust-colored line. This detail is representative of Lucy Rutter’s overall aesthetic: Clean, simple, and inspired by nature.

About the Maker: Lucy's studio in Faversham is where she makes her gorgeous wheel-thrown stoneware pottery. She uses warm-toned clay and subtly colored glazes inspired by nature to create her simple, pared-back aesthetic. Learn More

Porcelain Mid-Century Ceramic Mug by Myrth

Porcelain Mid-Century Handmade Ceramic Mugs by Myrth

Maker: Myrth Ceramics (Eric & Abigail Smallwood)

Made In: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Material: Porcelain

Method(s): Slip Cast


These mugs are a modern minimalist’s dream, constructed with careful attention to detail in shape and uniformity. A quiet and clean palette blends with nearly any other drinkware or dinnerware in your collection – ideal for setting the table for a weekend brunch. Boston-based Myrth Ceramics takes extra care to ensure that each mug is recreated to the same dimensions without losing its organic, handcrafted feel.

About the Maker: Myrth is a Boston-based ceramics studio that heavily values design and consistency in their work. Designers by trade, the husband and wife team of Eric and Abigail Smallwood take time to carefully plan out each of their pieces and take steps to ensure they are repeated as consistently as possible from piece to piece while still taking care to preserve the handcrafted feel. Learn More

Blush Coffee Mug by OHSOYAY

Handmade Blush Coffee Mug by OHSOYAY

Maker: OHSOYAY (Bianca Schmidt)

Made In: Wentorf, Germany

Material: Grey Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel


This hand turned mug by OHSOYAY features a beautiful matte blush glaze accentuated with dark specks throughout. The whimsical drizzle of glaze on the side gives it a character all its own.

About the Maker: From her studio in Wentorf, Germany, Bianca has found a way to pursue two of her greatest passions in life together…..ceramics and photography. Learn More

"The drip marks on this mug came about after a mistake on my part though the process of dipping. I am a perfectionist, and normally I would have sorted it out, but by letting go I came to enjoy the spontaneous drip marks of the glaze and consider them as something special and not a mistake." - Bianca Schmidt 

Geometric Stoneware Mug by Pine Zen Pottery

Geometric Handmade Stoneware Mug by Pine Zen Pottery

Maker: Pine Zen Pottery (Amy Brummond)

Made In: Minnesota, USA

Material: Red Stoneware

Method(s): Handbuilt


Pine Zen Pottery gets it right when playing with pattern and geometry, using a bright green glaze to detail a leaf-like pattern across this organically shaped mug. A natural red stoneware handle and base give it a vintage look while also serving as a practical, heat-tempering mechanism for handling your coffee or tea. We haven’t seen any other mug quite like it.

About the Maker: Amy found pottery as her personal answer to “What are you going to do with your life?”. Through it she has unlocked a joy for creating, and an ability to share that joy through her work. She is inspired by vintage fabrics, mid-century modern patterns, fashion and the natural world. Learn More

Aqua Mug by Pottery by Osa

Handmade Aqua Mug by Pottery by Osa

Maker: Pottery by Osa (Osa Atoe)

Made In: Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel


There are many stand-out elements in this mug’s design – like all creations by Pottery by Osa. The aqua mug lends a memorable silhouette with its tall, vase-like shape, and I love the striking, un-glazed leaf pattern that stands out against the mug’s soothing aqua glaze, symbolic of earth and ocean.

About the Maker: After discovering a love for pottery, Osa set up a home studio and completed a post-baccalaureate degree in ceramics to further her knowledge of the craft. Her work is a reflection of her internal sense of self, and she is often inspired by the simplicity of prehistoric ceramics and the weathered surfaces observed in everyday life. Learn More

This Earth is Round Mug by River Ceramics

This Earth is Round Handmade Mug by River Ceramics

Maker: River Ceramics (Jolene Hewison)

Made In: Margaret River Region, Australia

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel


This skillfully crafted, hand-carved mug from River Ceramics makes a statement with its bold design and sweeping curves. The intricate carvings take on an organic shape and texture – flower petals, perhaps, or endless undulating ocean waves against the sweeping curve of a distant horizon. The dark iron specks offer the illusion of a starry night against the satin white 'sky'. This is just one piece in the ‘Deep River’ series that explores a variety of naturally inspired patterns in high contrast designs.

About the Maker: From her little tree-bound studio in the Margaret River Region to your home, Jolene creates her pieces out of her absolute love for all things clay.. Learn More

Tapered Coffee Mug by Rose Line Pottery

Tapered Handmade Coffee Mug by Rose Line Pottery

Maker: Rose Line Pottery (Travis Sudweeks)

Made In: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel


This tall tapered mug by Rose Line Pottery has an impressive arching handle that spans the length of the mug. I love its simple, streamlined design paired with its muted color palette. At first glance, you may not notice the touch of color at the rim – a subtle element that puts the finishing touch on this design. The walls on this mug are just thick enough to give it some heft without absorbing too much heat from your morning beverage.

About the Maker: Ever since Travis was a boy, he felt the ancient art of clay pulling at him. However, it wasn't until he was 39 years old that he decided to jump all in and give ceramics a full-time go. Now, he works out of his converted Salt Lake City garage studio, humbled and thankful every day for all that this craft has brought to his life. Learn More

Dip & Dash Porcelain Mug by Sandbox Ceramics

Dip & Dash Handmade Porcelain Mugs by Sandbox Ceramics

Maker: Sandbox Ceramics (Petra Kaiser)

Made In: St. Helens, Oregon, USA

Material: Porcelain

Method(s): Wheel


I love this minimalist porcelain mug from Sandbox Ceramics, which plays off a traditional coffee mug with a few noticeable designer touches. The partial matte sand glaze and subtle beige lines add interest and a geometric element, while the arch like handle adds a playful touch – which is just what Petra intended.

About the Maker: As a self-taught potter working out of her home studio in the small riverside town of St. Helens, Oregon, Petra has a knack for making ceramics that are simple yet playful. She finds inspiration in angular shapes, subtle color, and minimalism. Learn More

“The matte sand glaze that I use on [this] mug in particular is my favorite glaze. I wanted to find a way to use it in a more interesting way than just applying it to the whole piece. It's dipped at an angle so it only covers a portion of the mug which makes it a nice contrast against the texture and look of the bare white porcelain. The beige lines near the base are just to add a little touch of playfulness :)” - Petra Kaiser

Pink Blossoms Cylinder Mug by Sarah Pike Pottery

Pink Blossoms Handmade Cylinder Mug by Sarah Pike Pottery

Maker: Sarah Pike Pottery

Made In: Fernie, BC, Canada

Material: Stoneware & Porcelain

Method(s): Handbuilt


Handbuilt in the mountains of British Columbia, this beautifully crafted mug by Sarah Pike Pottery may carry with it the most inspirational story of all the handmade mugs on this list.

“I carved the blossom texture after finding my elementary school report cards. Every comment criticized my daydreaming and stated that I'd do better in school if I could get my head out of the clouds. Upon reading these I felt sad and offended for that little girl. And then I felt angry because that is who I was; a day dreamer. Creativity lies in that headspace and should be celebrated. The blossoms signify what can grow and bloom when we give ourselves the time and space to dream.” - Sarah Pike

From its sprawling branches to its delicate blossoms, this mug wholly captures the emotion felt by its creator during its design. The story behind it underscores the joy that can come from owning a handmade piece when you understand the place in the heart that inspired it.

About the Maker: After studying ceramics, living a rancher's life for many years and starting a family, Sarah moved to the beautiful mountains for Fernie, British Columbia where she is inspired daily by the breathtaking mountain landscape around her. Her slab built pottery is also influenced by the rich history of ceramics and the rustic charm of antiques. Learn More

Farmhouse Latte Mug by Sheldon Ceramics

Farmhouse Handmade Latte Mugs by Sheldon Ceramics

Maker: Sheldon Ceramics (Peter Sheldon)

Made In: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel


This wide and shallow Farmhouse Latte Mug by Sheldon Ceramics is perfect for those who prefer an elegant bowl-like feel, ideal for slowly sipping a matcha or afternoon cappuccino. The mug’s simple design and custom formulated neutral glaze colors makes the perfect palette for some creative latte art – with plenty of space for extra foam.

About the Maker: Peter's studio is based in East Los Angeles, California. His meticulous process and methods allow him to continue making pottery in a very traditional way, including formulating and developing all his glazes from scratch. His aim is to create products that can be used for everyday use but that will also last a lifetime. Learn More

Brushy Everyday Mug by Stone and Sage Ceramics

Brushy Everyday Handmade Mug by Stone and Sage Ceramics

Maker: Stone & Sage Ceramics (Jen LaPier)

Made In: Portland, Oregon, USA

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel


The whimsical brush strokes on the Everyday Mug by Stone and Sage Ceramics give it a light and airy feel that goes perfectly with its speckled matte white glaze and natural clay finish. I love its curved bottom and wide handle which makes it comfortable to hold while sipping a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea.

About the Maker: With a background in architecture and design, and love for nature and the outdoors, Jen’s influences are wide-ranging and reflected in her work. She enjoys creating everyday objects that enhance our daily rituals and that help make personal connections between us. Learn More

“I created the 'Everyday Mug' for all the folks like me who crave a big mug (it's 16oz!) for daily coffee or tea. Each design is inspired by elements of folk craft and the gorgeous landscape of the west coast. I love the process of hand-painting every mug, which allows me to embrace variations, making each one unique and one-of-a-kind. “ - Jen LaPier

Fern Mug in Gold Sands by Tamara Bryan Pottery

Handmade Fern Mug in Gold Sands by Tamara Bryan Pottery

Maker: Tamara Bryan Pottery

Made In: Portland, Oregon, USA

Material: Stoneware with Porcelain slip

Method(s): Wheel


Tamara’s work is heavily influenced by the natural flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest, and this Fern Mug is a beautiful example of her work. The matte white ferns dance across the surface of the mug’s sand-colored base, with a minimalistic approach that lets the natural beauty of the fern leaves speak for themselves. I also appreciate the unimposing shape of the mug, just slightly wider than it is tall, with a slight taper at the top reminiscent of a tree trunk firmly rooted into the ground.

About the Maker: Tamara’s minimal, restrained aesthetic is inspired by the gentle healing qualities and the natural beauty of the local medicinal and edible plants that surround her. Going unnoticed by the majority of people who pass by, she brings attention to the natural beauty that surrounds all of us. Learn More

“I’m drawn to ferns not only because of their beautiful leaf shape but also they are incredibly resilient. In adverse conditions they thrive and spread. They are some of the oldest living plants around. I think in this moment where we as humans are dealing with a lot in terms of adverse conditions and challenges, ferns have a lot to teach us about how to live resilient, thriving lives.” - Tamara Bryan

Half Glazed Stoneware Mug by Terrafirma Ceramics

Available at Nicole-Rhea

Half Glazed Handmade Stoneware Mugs by Terrafirma Ceramics

Maker: Terrafirma Ceramics (Ellen Evans)

Made In: New York City, New York, USA

Material: Stoneware & Porcelain

Method(s): Wheel


Vibrant colors and patterns juxtaposed against a simple, warm-toned natural stoneware base has been the hallmark look of Terrafirma Ceramics for years. Instantly recognizable, the Terrafirma Half Glazed Stoneware Mug features a solid top half, looping hand-pulled handle, and the characteristic natural stoneware base. Tall and weighty, these mugs will keep your coffee or tea hot while perfectly complimenting your one-of-a-kind  Terrafirma dinnerware set.

About the Maker: Terrafirma Ceramics founder and Artistic Director - Ellen Evans' casual, yet sophisticated style encourages creative place settings by mixing and matching complementary colors and patterns across the various pieces on your tabletop to create a one of a kind dining experience. Learn More

"In our homes today, we want beautiful artistic objects that we can use comfortably everyday. My goal is to design tableware that enriches the presentation of food and in itself makes an elegant statement…yet is practical and durable enough for constant use. Please enjoy using and giving Terrafirma.” - Ellen Evans

Dipped Stoneware Mug by The Super Sparrow

Dipped Handmade Stoneware Mugs by The Super SparrowMaker: The Super Sparrow (Lilly Mandarano)

Made In: London, UK

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Hand Built


Simply dubbed “The Mug,” this piece by The Super Sparrow was designed with a clean, pared-down aesthetic in mind. I love the half circle handle that gives it geometric appeal while still being comfortable to hold. Delicate undertones in the glaze stand out on the mug’s straightforward cylindrical shape; the natural stoneware peeking out at the base lends interest and depth.

About the Maker: After an on again off again relationship with clay over her life, Lilly eventually followed her heart and pursued a degree in fine art. She has developed a natural and minimalistic style that focuses on paring a piece down to its essential components while maintaining its visual appeal. Learn More

“It's important to me to design my pieces to have a relaxed, organic feel with a minimal aesthetic but they must also be functional and comfortable as well. The handle is designed to hug your hand and offer enough support when the mug is full of lovely hot coffee or tea. I also wanted to make the size of the mug substantial enough for a decent cuppa too. I cherish the ritual of my morning coffee and will often press my mug to my chest like a warm hug; it helps me feel I'm starting the day off right.” - Lilly Mandarano

Porcelain Cloud Mug by This Quiet Dust Ceramics

Available at Nicole-Rhea

Handmade Porcelain Cloud Mug by This Quiet Dust Ceramics

Maker: This Quiet Dust Ceramics (Dubhe Carreño)

Made In: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Material: Porcelain

Method(s): Wheel


You can’t help but imagine a fluffy cumulus cloud drifting through the sky after seeing the Cloud mug by This Quiet Dust Ceramics. The rolling curves offer a different take on the traditional coffee mug, making it especially comfortable to hold. I love the earthy color palette throughout the line, with minimalist shapes that lend an organic yet elegant feel to each handmade mug.

About the Maker: The irregular shape, minimalist design and earthy color palette defines Dubhe’s aesthetic and helps make her work easily recognizable. She believes the intentionally irregular shape in much of her work honor’s the clay’s voice as an active participant in the process. Learn More

Southwestern Mug by Whiskey & Clay

Available at Nicole-Rhea

Southwestern Handmade Mug by Whiskey & ClayMaker: Whiskey & Clay (Kimmy Rohrs)

Made In: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Material: Stoneware & Porcelain

Method(s): Wheel


By mixing together an earthy stoneware and a bright porcelain clay, and then high firing in a heavy-reduction kiln, Kimmy creates a mug with her signature southwestern desert look and feel. I love how the dark rust tones and muted cream colors blend together and immerse you in the expansive beauty of a desert landscape.

About the Maker: Residing in Santa Fe New Mexico, but pulling inspiration from the far west Texas sky and Earth, Kimmy uniquely blends porcelain with stoneware to give each piece an iconic desert feel. Learn More

“w+c mugs are made for desert coffee drinkers: where the lands and mesas unite, air is dry and sandy, and whiskey always finds its way into a mid afternoon coffee.” - Kimmy Rohrs

Blue Mountain Pottery Mug by Wolf Ceramics

Blue Mountain Handmade Pottery Mugs by Wolf Ceramics

Maker: Wolf Ceramics (Sarah Wolf)

Made In: Portland, Oregon, USA

Material: Stoneware

Method(s): Wheel


Bold, beautiful, and blue! The Blue Mountain mug by Wolf Ceramics evokes the image of a snow-capped mountain peak against a brilliant blue sky. The sharp lines, geometric shapes, and saturated colors can be found throughout the Wolf Ceramics line and contribute to a bold, recognizable look.

About the Maker: Sarah is a native of Oregon who followed a winding path that took her through many other disciplines before she followed her passion to ceramics. She not only appreciates the design process, but also the physicality of working with clay. She takes a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that the goods she is bringing to life will be used by her community and friends. Learn More

“I think mugs, in particular, are one of the most intimate objects we use. ….I think that when people buy a handmade mug, especially when they feel like they know where it's coming from, using that mug is going to make their experience of drinking coffee or tea that much more special.” - Sarah Wolf

Which mug is your favorite?

With so many amazing choices from around the world, picking the next mug to add to your collection might not be easy, but at least you'll know where to start looking. I hope that this list helps you uncover your new favorite ceramic mug or, better yet, your new favorite ceramic artist.

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