Featured: Pure Copper Cookware from House Copper

This week, we’re letting House Copper by Housekeeper Crockery take center stage! Visit our copper cookware page to view the full collection from this American-made cookware brand.

Pure Copper Pot (3 quart)

Is there anything quite as romantic as these faithfully reproduced mid-1800s cast iron handles? This copper stock pot from House Copper is fit for your Christmas list!

Copper Mixing Bowl (5 quart)

This timeless pure copper bowl from the House Copper collection by House Copper will elevate any home cooking routine.

Pure Copper Pot (3 quart)

Historic. American-made. This 3-quart pure copper stockpot is changing what it means to cook with soul. 

Who’s ready for fall soups and chili? We can’t think of any better way to celebrate a cozy season change than with this charming cookware duo from House Copper.

Pure Copper Pot (2 quart)

Reminiscent of 1850s American cookware, this antique-inspired reproduction pot from House Copper is a work of functional art.

Pure Copper Mixing Bowl (5 quart)

Perfect for vigorous mixing, delicate tossing, and minimalist serving, this 100% pure copper mixing bowl is designed to make your meals better.

Pure Copper Pot (2 quart)

If you’re already planning for your holiday dinners, and all of those tasty meals in between, let these gorgeous 100% copper stock pots light the way. Each is made to elevate flavors and cook evenly while looking quite pretty. 

Pure Copper Pot (3 quart)

Give the gift of artisanal cookware with this tall 3-quart pot, made in America with 100% pure copper by expert coppersmiths.