Easy Cocktail Recipe: Southwestern Negroni as Inspired by Whiskey & Clay

Sep 12th 2019

Easy Cocktail Recipe: Southwestern Negroni as Inspired by Whiskey & Clay

Whether you're coming home from a long day or hosting happy hour with friends, simple cocktails are always best. Enter stage right: the Negroni. This easy recipe requires only three ingredients in equal proportion and packs a serious flavor punch. It's also quite pretty: the bright red tones of Campari swirl against the sides of your favorite drinkware, accented by the playful brushstroke of an orange peel garnish.

While the classic Negroni is made with gin, Kimmy Rohrs of Whiskey & Clay adds a southwestern twist to her spirited creation by subbing in mezcal. The result? A deliciously balanced cocktail with a hint of smokiness, adding an earthy, grounded note to a traditional mix. This flavor palette pairs perfectly with her handcrafted stoneware ceramic cup, which pays homage to the sparse terrain of the desert. When paired together, the luminous fire tones of the Negroni against the backdrop of a sun-bleached sipping tumbler are reminiscent of a true southwestern sunset.

For a dose of daily decadence, the southwestern Negroni offers a modern, any-season update to a classic Italian cocktail recipe. Transition your favorite summer Negroni recipe into fall and winter with this endlessly drinkable cocktail rendition:

Kimmy's Southwestern Negroni

  • 1.0 fl ounces of Campari (typically a jigger or shot's worth)
  • 1.0 fl ounces of sweet Vermouth
  • 1.0 fl ounces of Mezcal

For added flair, garnish with a lemon or orange peel.

Stoneware Ceramic Cup by Whiskey & Clay               Stoneware Ceramic Cup by Whiskey & Clay

If you love mezcal like Kimmy does, you might also want to incorporate these ceramic mezcal copita sippers into your barware collection. They're perfect for sampling different types of mezcal or measuring your 1-ounce pours while mixing cocktails.

Mezcal Copita Sipper, Whiskey & Clay               Mezcal Copita Sippers, Whiskey & Clay

Check out more of Kimmy Rohr's beautiful handmade pottery and shop the Whiskey & Clay collection to admire her work!

Kimmy Rohrs - Whiskey & ClayKimmy Rohrs - Whiskey & Clay