Brilliant Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

Nov 12th 2021

Brilliant Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

Gift giving is how some people say, “I love you,” and you always want to give something the recipient will treasure. There’s nothing like the warm feeling you get when someone’s overjoyed with what you gave them.

However, buying something for someone who already has everything is tricky. The home-baker in your life may have a closet packed with various pans and decorating tools. Or your best friend may be a decorating genius, so finding home décor they don’t own is difficult. There’s a gift for everyone, even someone who has everything.

Shop for Personal Gifts

It’s hard to top a personal gift because it’s one of a kind and specifically for that person. Many people love gifts with unique engravings on them, especially when it’s also something they can use regularly. Engraved wine glasses or photo frames are great places to start, and your options are nearly endless.

Every time your loved one uses or looks at the personalized gift, they’ll think of your kindness. Not only that but, personalized and handmade gifts show that you go beyond to do something special. And best yet, a personalized gift works for everyone because it reflects the recipient.

Buy Something Handmade

Gifts crafted by artisans are a wonderful addition to any home and perfect for the art lover in your life. Not only that, but there are many unique options to choose from. So, you can buy a handmade plate that looks like a work of art or coasters for their beverage glasses.

Some other brilliant gift ideas for the person who has everything include handcrafted:

  • Table linens: Add some functional home décor to their life.
  • Ceramic mugs: Perfect for a morning cup of coffee or tea.
  • Wooden carving boards: Useful no matter what they’re cutting up.

Handmade gifts are both unique and personal but also support artists doing what they love most. If your loved one enjoys the finer things in life, support local artisans and buy something handmade.

At Nicole-Rhea, you can buy beautiful decorative objects or dinnerware; everything is handmade, so the work of art is also functional. In addition, with every sale, we plant a tree, so your gift isn’t just unique but also gives back.

Make a Charitable Donation

Some people have everything and genuinely don’t want more money spent on them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something special. Look into what charitable causes your friend supports and donate in their name. Not only is this great for someone who has everything, but it also gives back to the community.


Before you donate to a charity in their name, make sure this is something they want. Likewise, check to see that your donation truly goes towards the cause your loved one supports. For example, you could investigate reviews or look up where the charity spends the most money.

Pay for an Experience

Those who have everything may prefer a memory-packed experience. And if the gift is to celebrate something major, then it becomes all the more special. Think about this person’s interests. Do they love music? Maybe a music class or concert tickets are just the thing. Some other experience-centric gifts could be:

  • Wine tasting: Take the wine enthusiast in your life out for a day of tasting or visit a winery.
  • A trip: If you’re celebrating something extra special, take them on a trip.
  • A massage: Help them relax and get some time to themselves to rejuvenate.

Take time to think about what they love, because a present that reflects their interests shows you put time and effort into their gift. Presents centered around an experience are perfect for someone who has everything because it’s intangible. And what could be worth more than memories of an incredible time?


Note the experiences the recipient most wants to have. For example, maybe a new museum is opening in the city, and they’ve talked about a desire to see it. Surprises are exciting to most individuals, so think back on conversations you’ve had to make the gift extra special!

Other Great Gifts

Giving a gift centered around an experience may seem a little challenging to some. After all, you may not spend as much on a thank you present as you would on a wedding gift. However, what you give is ultimately up to you, and a couple of tips from the experts could give you the ideas you need.

Gift Cards

A gift card is another brilliant gift idea for the person who has everything. Not only does this provide an opportunity to go out, but it also allows them to use it as they please. When you know a foodie who has everything, a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant could be perfect.

An Herb Garden

Herb gardens are great for everyone, from apartment dwellers to homeowners. Not only will your loved ones add some green to their life, but they’ll also add some flavor to every dish they cook!

Help Them Learn a Skill

You could also help them learn a new skill by paying for a class. Many recommend paying for a baking or cooking class because this is a useful skill and fun. Get your loved one into gourmet cooking or a course that teaches them what foods pair best with various wines.

Likewise, you could gift copper bartending tools so they can acquire some knowledge on mixology. Why copper? Unlike other materials, copper drinkware keeps a beverage cool for longer, so they won’t have to water each cocktail down with ice.

Finding the perfect gift takes time and a lot of thought. When the recipient seems to have everything they could possibly want, finding that present feels more challenging, but with a bit of creativity, you can discover a gift they’ll treasure. Whether you pay for a one-of-a-kind experience, skills class, or something personal, they’re sure to love it!

You can buy handmade gifts at Nicole-Rhea. We have everything from home decor to serving ware, so show that special someone in your life how much you care with a gift they’ll treasure for years. Nothing speaks to the heart quite like a unique gift.

Brilliant Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything